How To Make Sweet sushi Step by Step

The Recipe For Making Sweet sushi.

Sweet sushi You can make Sweet sushi using 8 ingredients in 10 quick steps. The following is an easy way to make it.

Ingredients Required To Make Sweet sushi

  1. Fill of Rice crispy treats.
  2. Insert of Sweetheart soft and chewy ropes.
  3. Prepare of Fruit roll ups.
  4. Add of Airheads.
  5. Fill of Haribo sour steamers.
  6. Prepare of Troll sour bite octopus.
  7. Fill of Nerds.
  8. Insert of Swedish fish.

Easy Way To Make Sweet sushi

  1. Unwrap all the rice crispy treats and begin pulling them apart.
  2. Roll the rice crispy treats in your hands until they elongate. Then using a spoon flattened out until thin..
  3. Take some of the sweetSweet ropes and cut them into 1 inch pieces. Bunch the 1 inch pieces together and wrap a piece of fruit roll up around them. Then roll a flattened rice crispy treat all the way around the bundle..
  4. Take one of the airheads and sour steamers and wrap it all the way around the rice crispy treat bundle..
  5. Experiment with other candies and create your very own..
  6. Please the finish pieces of sushi on a large platter and enjoy.
  7. (how i did mine) I took my fruit roll up off the wrapper then placed it back on the wrapper put the square crispy treat on the fruit rollup added whatever candy I wanted then I rolled it up tightly and then I cut it. (was easier this this way) re-shaped after it was cut if needed..
  8. I did not use premade rice crispy treats I made my own rice crispies and then cut the sizes that I needed depending on what I was making..
  9. Forgot to take a picture, just need to add the rope, it sticks or you can tie it..
  10. I have a strawberry rice crispy treat recipe thats easy if you dont want the store kind.

That's how to make Sweet sushi Recipe.

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